Executive Search & Headhunting

There are many reasons to recruit new talent: to support growth, to develop a new area of activity, to address customers’ emerging requirements, to acquire new skills, to replace an employee who is leaving the company, and many more besides. In an ever-changing environment, the recruitment of managers and executives is a key driver of performance.

We select people who are able to give effective support to your company’s development strategy, and to adapt to the its specific requirements. Our consultants help companies through this complex process, which requires time, proven methods, in-depth industry expertise and business-specific skills. They work for our clients to identify the men and women best equipped to effectively support the company’s development strategy and adapt to the requirements of its environment. They provide an end-to-end service from assessment and selection to interview and beyond.

Our response

We support both large companies and SMEs in the recruitment and assessment of managers and executives. For each assignment, we put in place a dedicated team of business professionals with the corporate experience to understand the issues facing our clients.

Our direct approach is based on listening attentively to our clients’ needs, maintaining strong ethics and developing in-depth knowledge of the professions and skills required. Our approach is adapted to each specific situation and we take great care to ensure that our efforts are closely aligned to our clients’ goals. Furthermore, because executive search must perfectly match the needs of the company in order to be effective, our approach is reinforced by tailored assessments of our candidates’ ability to meet the challenges inherent in their future tasks.

Our know-how covers all corporate sectors and functions: senior management, finance, human resources, sales & marketing, communications, industrial and technical, IT, etc. By drawing on all the specialist expertise and creativity of our consultants, our clients are able to gain access to top-end talent capable of thinking differently and providing a fresh perspective; individuals who bring new vitality to the company.We are able to support companies in their international projects thanks to the cross-border nature of the Arthur Hunt Group, and our membership of the API network.

Our expertises


Weakened by successive crises, including COVID, the automotive sector needs to reinvent itself and open up new horizons. At the same time, it must continue to respond to constant pressure on prices and increasingly harsh environmental and regulatory constraints. This context is reflected for the sector’s players, areas and industrial sites by an increasing number of challenges in terms of jobs and skills. We support them particularly in their challenges to adapt their models and their organisation: support for the implementation of a new organisation or new business lines, optimisation of processes and cost reduction, change in supplier panels, forward-looking skills management, recruitment and assessment, etc.


The aeronautics industry’s distinctive feature is the complexity of its supply chain, which includes a large number of SMEs, and the complex technological risks to control the entire value chain. The industry nevertheless needs to speed up its quest for industrial performance and the consolidation of the sector. It is undergoing major changes to meet the challenges of decarbonisation. This has a strong impact within organisations for managers and employees, and in acquiring new skills. We have been supporting developments in the sector for over 30 years. We are also involved in supporting managers and the performance of organisations.

Financial and Insurance

Financial sector companies have evolved significantly to maintain their performance level despite low interest rates for many years. The digitisation of part of their activities and the ability to reinvent the customer relationship remain at the heart of their retail activities.
Performance is also evolving in increasingly complex and regulated capital markets activities. In this context, human capital is the key asset, and the employee relationship also needs to be adjusted. Since reinventing a company to be more efficient and competitive also involves integrating new talent and combining leadership and performance, we help companies with the design of their talent acquisition strategies.

Consumer goods and retail

This sector includes large groups that have the capacity to adapt to market changes and a multitude of SMEs that will have to keep changing in order to survive. Initiatives to increase productivity and develop internationally are the keys to success that are taking shape, and which generate new challenges for the sector in terms of human resources and employment. To meet these challenges, we support companies by implementing tailor-made, innovative commercial systems. We help them anticipate jobs and skills needs. We also support companies in their recruitment and assessment process so that they surround themselves with talent combining leadership and performance.


The digitisation of the sector, the emergence of big data, programmatic purchasing, threats from internet giants… the world of communication is going through a change in direction. All these factors must be taken into account when planning a cross-functional communication strategy for the benefit of consumers/citizens. In this context, we help advertisers and agencies successfully manage their transformations. In particular, by helping them to surround themselves with talent that can provide top-notch advice and are able to think outside the box. Our consultants are experts in the media and communication sector, and can help our customers to strengthen their teams with communicators able to support companies, brands and products in their many challenges (development, reputation, protection).

Consulting and Auditing

At a time when consulting and auditing firms are having to rethink their model and their offering so as to be more competitive, integrating new talent that combines leadership and performance is a priority. We support our customers in this recruitment and assessment process. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the consulting professions, we are able to identify the right senior manager or partner to support players in designing their development and transformation strategies. We also support the integration of women and men who think outside the box or from a new perspective, who have strong development capacities and who have the creativity needed to design innovative and disruptive solutions.

Energy and utilities

Faced with a raft of paradigms, sector players have to adapt and keep on reinventing their performance model. Such changes inevitably lead to a similarly large number of human resources problems. We help all companies in the sector to address the performance and competitiveness issues related to their employees’ jobs and skills. Our teams also help companies with change management: adapting their skills models and organisations, new organisational strategies, anticipating skills, establishing new occupations, strengthening the employability of their staff, training for management. Lastly, we support them in their recruitment and assessment process.

Public and Private hospitals

Payroll currently represents almost 70% of a hospital’s budget.
The changes underway involve giving thought to the link between human resources management and quality of patient care. We keep this in mind when we work alongside such establishments on all their performance issues in terms of jobs and skills, particularly in the design and implementation of new working time organisations. We help them streamline their operating methods, reduce the rate of absenteeism, maintain the employment of people with disabilities, implement internal mobility systems, etc. We support these players in their internal communication actions and in their negotiations with social partners; an unprecedented cultural challenge for this sector. We also prepare them to cope with future changes, such as new technologies, all aspects of outpatient care and home care for the elderly, which will have a major impact on tomorrow’s skills.

Healthcare industries

Numerous restructurings are taking place due to the transformation of business lines in this sector. We help healthcare industries with all their human resources issues, particularly those relating to the adaptation of their skills models and organisations (internal mobility agreements, new organisation strategies, establishing new occupations, training for management, recruitment & assessment, etc.). We also support industries in the changes they need to make: anticipating jobs and skills in their area and strengthening the employability of their staff, particularly for people with jobs considered sensitive. Our experts also conduct studies offering stakeholders a view of such developments.

Process industry

The sector is experiencing many uncertainties. Since there are few levers for improving profitability, closures of sites, even efficient ones, and job cuts are common. We help our customers carry out the restructuring needed to improve their performance in terms of skills and jobs by putting in place innovative, pragmatic measures that help them manage change. It is all the more necessary in these environments to give meaning to the teams despite strategic choices that can sometimes escape them. Specific managerial levers are developed by our teams, in particular in the form of “assessment and development centres” to attract, retain and mobilize talent. We support industries in their internal communication actions and in their negotiations with social partners. Lastly, we establish improvement processes to promote staff employability.

Public service

With our knowledge of the sector and our business expertise, we support local authorities in their thinking on change management.
Our consultants design and implement innovative and pragmatic systems that help stakeholders manage transformations. We help public players redesign their organisational and governance methods. We also support HR functions in reflecting on how they can use forward-looking management of jobs and career paths (GEPP), and implement real operational HR strategies around issues of job retention, absenteeism management, managerial training, etc.

Transport and logistics

Players in this multi-faceted sector are in a highly competitive market that is particularly sensitive to economic conditions. It employs a large number of unskilled workers and must hire or develop managers to support the change. Performance management skills are the key to success. We help our customers with all their performance and competitiveness issues, particularly those relating to recruitment and assessment. We help them in their search for financial, commercial (particularly international), IT/organisation, profit centre managers, etc. to support their development in businesses that are highly regulated and manage complex physical flows.

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