Why join us?

Would you like to join an innovative, efficient and inclusive Human Resources Group? The Arthur Hunt Group’s women and mens share and hold five strong values hat reflect what we belive. They form our corporate culture. They are expressed in our daily lives.

Together, we go further

We are driven by team spirit. Although we are experts in our fields (recruitment, consulting, transition management, change management, talent management), actively listening to our customers and respecting their corporate culture and their employees inform us in our methodologies to co-create appropriate tailored solutions.

Collaborative work is central to how we operate. We strongly believe that sharing our professions, our visions and our approaches enriches everyone and allows them to grow, and the firm to develop. Each assignment is an opportunity for exchanges that give everyone – consultants, managers, directors or associates – the chance to take ownership of solutions and methodologies, however innovative and difficult they may be.

Together, we are more efficient

The Group has been committed to developing our customers’ human capital for more than 30 years. It is continuously growing and constantly seeking to develop new approaches to better meet its customers’ business challenges.

If you like thinking up new approaches, if you have detailed knowledge of certain sectors, if you like brainstorming, the Arthur Hunt Group is made for you. We are looking for determined, open-minded women and men who are entrepreneurs at heart and capable of growing our Group through strategic and operational business intelligence.

Together, we are proud of our differences

Respect and inclusion are part of our daily lives. We are signatories to the Other Circle charter, we have a Disability contact person and a Diversity contact person in the Group.

Respect for candidates, respect for our ethics charters in coaching and recruitment, respect for individuals and skills, and respect for each person’s convictions are the pillars of our culture. You have the same values, join us!

Together, we innovate

Anticipating, daring, creating new solutions, breaking down the barriers between fields of action is our signature. To make a difference, we focus on seeing and doing things differently and finding the best way forward. We draw inspiration from all areas and design systems for our customers that can create a competitive advantage. Our approach to human resources is to be a laboratory of innovation. Come and create with us.

Together, it’s everything

Our jobs are sometimes lonely due to the nature of our assignments. However, you will always find a colleague to answer your questions, to give you a helping hand at busy times or to think about discuss a new approach with you.The concept of mutual assistance means something within the Arthur Hunt Group and it takes place across sectors. Regardless of whether you are in Recruitment, Transition Management, Consulting or Change, a door will always be open. There are many talents and the wish to be of help is never far away, just push open the door.

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